'Ben has worked with many of my most seriously injured and challenging patients. The results have been tremendous. He is compassionate, thoroughly professional, and highly skilled.'
-- Julia Keiser, D.C.

'After a year seeking relief from a hip injury, I started massage therapy with Ben. His knowledge of massage and skillful mastery of techniques made me pain free in a few sessions. During therapy, I discovered my total health began improving: erratic sleep habits disappeared, I had less depression, and I actually felt my immune system was functioning completely.  Regular massage treatments give me new energy, good muscular balance and heightened awareness to enjoy a full and active life.'
-- Marge Parsons

'When I first visited Ben I had severe lower back & hip pain. I had been treated by several doctors with limited long term relief. The constant pain limited many of my daily activites. Treatment by Ben and a regular exercise program ... provided significant relief within the first 60 days. Today I am largely pain free and can engage in almost any activity of my choosing. ... I have referred other people to Ben with equally good results.'
-- Bill Evans

'I have a neurological condition -- spasmodic torticollis (ST for short) ...--that pulls my head to the right and also makes my neck stiff. Ben has been helping me since February 1998, and now I have no pain or numbness in my right shoulder. Most people who have this condition have constant pain. The ST also affects my posture; but Ben works not only with my neck muscles, but other muscles in my back, stomach, even my feet to help me stand and walk straighter. After I've seen Ben, I can turn my head easier. ...There is no cure for ST, but Ben helps me deal with it.'
-- Cyndy Bauer

'Most effective massage I've ever had. Ben didn't just do a routine massage; instead he focused on the areas that needed attention, and worked them out. It made a noticeble improvement in my posture, and decreased my pain. I discovered muscles I never knew I had.'
-- Joseph Hook

'You know what I'm thinkin'? You could take off my socks!'
-- Madeleine Devitt, at age 5, after I started massaging her legs.

'I was unable to walk without limping and being in pain. Ben worked on my feet for a few weeks, and now no trouble! I was also in two car accidents, resulting in severe headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain. Ben made it all go away! Ben seems always to be able to do the exact treatment you need, no matter the trouble.'
-- Kathy Ludowese

'From the outset, Ben distinguished himself ... He is mature, thoughtful, and willing to explore beyond the usual expectations. His ability in massage reflects the care he exhibits in all his commitments. His touch is sensitive, intentful, and intelligently applied.'
-- Lauren Christman, LMP, former Dean of Students, Brian Utting School of Massage.