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Ben Brooke, LMT, MA

I recently moved to a new location.  My office is now located in the Worthington Wholistic Health Center at 881 High Street in Worthington, a block north of the intersection of 161 and High Street on the west side of the street.  Please park along the north side of the building or in the lot behind the building. 

When you arrive, please text me. I will come down and lead you to my therapy room when I am ready for you, either from the front waiting room, or directly through the door on the north side of the building, which I will have to open to let you in.  My business is separate from Dr. Marraffa's chiropractic practice, so her front office does not handle my clients.

Please be aware that the building policy for massage therapy is that patients and massage therapists wear masks during the sessions.  We are together in a small space for an extended time, and this minimizes the chance of virus transmission.  We also have high-quality air filtration in the rooms, and do rigorous cleaning.  (For other practices in the building, which have less extended interpersonal exposure times, masks are optional.  So you may see others in the building without masks.  But in the massage rooms, masks are worn.)

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Feel free to call me on my business cell phone, which is (614) 431-5944, or drop an email message in the convenient space below the map. 
(Note: Some people may find their anti-phishing software will block or warn messages left below, because the link sends your message from this site to my email box.  It IS safe to go forward and continue to the thank you message you get for sending the note. Your message goes directly to my gmail account.) 

If you would rather send an email directly, my email is:

(614) 431-5944 cell

881 High Street
Worthington , OH 43085

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